USA Boxing

Apr 09 USA Boxing's Statement on Amateur Boxing in California

April 09, 2009, 4:58 p.m. (ET)
USA Boxing and the four Local Boxing Committees continue to work toward a resolution with the California State Athletic Commission.  The state of California boasts an outstanding amateur boxing performance history and USA Boxing has enjoyed great success in governing amateur boxing activity in the state.

Amateur and Olympic-style boxing provides an important outlet for young people all over the United States and consistently aides in forming both stronger athletes and better adults. Thousands of former boxers nationwide have benefited from the mental and physical skills they obtained through participation in USA Boxing in its programs.

Perhaps most importantly, USA Boxing has had an unparalleled record of positively influencing many at risk teenagers to turn to amateur boxing as a safe and healthy alternative to downtime activities that often lead to crime, drugs, and gangs.  USA Boxing has had numerous national team boxers and Olympians who have attributed boxing to saving their lives and keeping them out of jail.

USA Boxing is the only Olympic National Governing Body that includes in its mission statement: Use boxing to build character and positive social development among teens, particularly in urban neighborhoods.

For the past seven years, less than one percent of the boxing drug tests performed by the United States Anti-Doping Agency have resulted in a disciplinary action.  The USA Boxing testing record is by far one of the most successful of many sports today, both amateur and professional.

The number one focus in amateur boxing is safety, set forth by USA Boxing's rules and regulations. USA Boxing requires numerous precautions, which has helped keep amateur boxing one of the safest of all sports, contrary to public perception. Amateur boxing recently was ranked safer than 17 sports and recreational activities, including track and field, soccer and baseball.  USA Boxing events in California have generated only 16 medical insurance claims and six rules' grievances from over 10,000 bouts in the past two years.

The state of California has consistently produced top-notch amateur boxers, and currently boasts 15 boxers ranked in the top ten of their respective weight divisions. Three California boxers claimed national titles at the 2008 U.S. Future Stars National Championships. In addition, California placed five Olympians on the last two Olympic Teams, including 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist Andre Ward of Oakland.

The Southern California LBC is the largest local boxing committee in the country with more than 2200 athletes and 570 non-athletes registering with USA Boxing in 2008. Statewide, over 3700 athletes and 1200 non-athletes were members of USA Boxing last year.

The Northern California LBC is currently under a new regime and the leadership has been working closely with the CSAC to address the issues brought forth by the commission. State inspectors have been attending events in the area throughout 2009, and their reports from the events they attended have been consistently positive.

USA Boxing is extremely proud to have made a positive impact on communities throughout California, and upon numerous athletes and former athletes who have found success both in and out of the ring following their time in amateur boxing. In addition, over a thousand dedicated coaches, officials and physicians in California continue to selflessly donate their time on behalf of USA Boxing to help build both better boxers and citizens.