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Mar 31 March Grassroots Athlete of the Month Nominees

March 31, 2009, 6:52 p.m. (ET)

The following athletes were recommended by LBC officials as contenders for USA Boxing's March Grassroots Athlete of the Month.  Please take the time to read about each athlete.  After deciding on your selection, visit the poll on the bottom of our homepage to vote.  Voting will end Monday, April 6.

Julius Butler, St. Louis, Mo. - Ozark Association

Attitude - Julius conducted himself with a positive attitude during a hearing for two athletes that showed unsportsmanlike conduct during an event. He filled in for the LBC's athlete representative that could not attend the hearing due to work. Julius was in the gym working out as he does faithfully, Monday through Friday at the Marquette Recreation Center. Julius is 16-years-old and he will be competing in the Junior Olympic division coming up in April. He always shows a positive attitude in the gym and at local, regional and national competitions. He volunteered to sit in during the hearing and gave up an hour of his training to do so. What an exceptional display as an athlete that was going to affect his fellow athletes. He had to make a decision on how long that would be unable to compete in club shows or tournaments coming up. He was concerned about the athlete's attendance in the gym and it was explained to him that the athletes would still be able to train during their time off, but would be unable to compete.

Behavior - Win or lose, Julius conducts himself as a gentleman always. He shows respect for his opponent, coach and officials in and out of the ring at all times. Julius is an exceptional athlete in our program and the other athletes look up to him as a mentor. He is a perfect example for upcoming youth in our boxing program by showing them what can be accomplished by dedication, sportsmanship, discipline and love of the sport.

Performance - Julius is an exception athlete in and out of competition and has showed this many times throughout his boxing career. His name will be recognized in the upcoming years, I do firmly believe as a national champion

Nominated by Ozark president Juliana Neisz

Rob Colosante, Munhall, Pa. - Allegheny Mountain Association

Attitude - Rob has a very positive, friendly attitude.  He is a true sports gentleman in the gym, ring and outside. Rob is a leader in the gym and a great role model, besides being a college grad; he spends lots of time with younger and more inexperienced boxers helping them with training

Behavior - He is very friendly and has a likeable personality with everyone. He is a very positive, training attitude, and is always willing to help others. Rob is a true gentleman with everyone he interacts with and never lets a negative situation change that. Rob never questions the decision of the judges nor complains one bit

Performance - Rob had a very impressive victory on March, 21 2009 and at a Golden Gloves show. The match was a non-tournament bout against a ranked USA boxer, Antonio Nieves. He is a three-time Western Pennsylvania Gloves champion and two-time Allegheny Mountain champion. He was a Pennsylvania State Golden Gloves champ last year and will box for another state title on April 14.

Nominated by Allegheny Mountain treasurer Joe Cimino

Juan Jones, Lake Erie Association

Juan Jones, a junior boxer , is deserving of the award to due to his outstanding job at the National Silver Gloves

Nominated by Lake Erie president Gene Glenn

Christopher Lopez, Deltona, Fla. - Florida Association

Attitude - Ever since I met Chris five years ago, I realized that he was a role model for the boxers. Despite being a champion many times, he is very noble and humble and a gentleman at all times, even when he doesn't win. Chris is at the top of my list if not number one for many years but now he has exceeded that.

Behavior - Chris competed in the Florida Golden Gloves and could have won the whole competition, but instead chose to disqualify himself by coming in overweight so his brother could compete. By doing this, Chris gave up a possible career move by being noticed at the Nationals.

Performance - Chris has always given 100% all the time. He's always a half an hour early at the weigh-ins, always in top shape and never has an excuse when he doesn't win. Chris is not in my LBC but is well worthy of this recognition. It is my honor to have met a young man in today's world with this attitude and commitment.

Nominated by Florida Gold Coast President Armando Fiallo