USA Field Hockey

Mar 11 Thanks to Many

March 11, 2011, 7:32 p.m. (ET)

Forty-two countries entered their Men’s Indoor National Team in a qualifier for the 2011 Indoor World Cup in Poznan, Poland. Only twelve countries moved on to compete against some of the strongest opposition in the world for indoor field hockey and USA was honored to have been one of those teams.

While the overall outcome of finishing 11th for USA was not optimal, the experience was invaluable. As a whole, the men continued to build on their performance and grow as both individuals and as a team on the court.

Preparing for such a big, international event, not only takes commitment from the athletes, but from the volunteers and staff as well. A “second” team that was present in Poznan, Poland was the tactical and logistical support team. This team ensures that the day to day operations run smoothly and that the men are prepared to perform at their highest level during competition. Below were the individuals assisting the USA Men’s Indoor Team at the Indoor World Cup.

Peter Jones, Men’s National Indoor Team Head Coach and previous Men’s National Team member. Nigel Traverso, Men’s National Indoor Team Manager, responsible for ensuring that day to day activities run smoothly, that the team is properly equipped and that FIH requirements are observed by the team during games. 

Brian Bratta, Athletic Trainer, responsible for treating injuries as well as working with players to prevent injuries. Marijn Petermeijer, Video Analyst and Assistant Coach, responsible for video and coding of USA and USA opponents’ matches. Marijn worked closely with Peter to determine what feedback to give to players on past games, as well as developing game plans for upcoming matches and choosing video clips to help the players understand the challenges and opportunities a particular opponent provides. 

Heiko Milz, Goalkeeper coach, responsible for analyzing the performance of the USA keepers, in practices and games, and making suggestions on possible technique changes. Lars Focke, assisted Brian in developing a series of exercises to help the team in the last month of preparation. He also assisted with the team’s warm up, warm-down and daily mobilization exercises. Ashley Jones, Video Assistant.

The USA Men’s National Indoor Team would like to thank USA Field Hockey and the United States Field Hockey Foundation for providing financial support. In addition, the depth of preparation would not have been possible without the extremely generous support from the United States Men’s Field Hockey Foundation (USMFHF).  The USMFHF has been a long term backer of the Men’s Indoor team and their generosity has been crucial in helping the USA Men be consistent performers in Pan Am Indoor Cups and in qualifying for and participating with success in the 2003 and 2011 Indoor World Cups.

Thank you to all the fans and donors that were in attendance and/or followed the USA Men’s Indoor Team online. Your support is encouraging and inspiring for the Men’s Indoor Team and program.