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2014 USA Judo International Tournament Criteria/Policies

Effective: January 1, 2014

2014 World Team

As of 6/30/2014 highest ranking athletes* on the World Ranking List (WRL) will be selected to the World Championship Team

No athlete will be able to compete if they do not meet the above.

*Provided that they are ranked in the top 40 for males and top 35 for female

2014 Pan American Team

For 2014, each nation will be allowed to send one athlete per weight division plus two additional men and two additional women with a maximum of two athletes in any given weight division.

Team USA will include athletes from the following divisions for the Pan American Championships: Women's 44kg, 48kg, 52kg, 57kg, 63kg, 70kg, 78kg and +78kg weight divisions and Men's 55kg, 60kg, 66kg, 73kg, 81kg, 90kg, 100kg and +100kg weight divisions.

Athletes will be named to the team via one of two scenarios:

  1. The athlete in each weight division who has the MOST points, earned as of 3/23/2014, on the IJF World Ranking List will be named to the team. For reference, the IJF World Ranking List can be found at

  2. The remaining two men's and women's slots will be allocated to the athletes with the most points on the IJF World Ranking List (found at during the time period listed above who have not already been selected to the team. In the event that the two men or women with the highest point totals who have not been previously named to the team and are ranked in the same weight division, the athlete with the most points will be selected. The second slot will then be allocated to the athlete with the next highest point total who is not in a weight division with two athletes who have already been selected.


       Athletes must meet one of the following Criteria to be allowed to qualify to participate in the following International Competitions

Continental Cups

      • Previous World Team Member or Olympic Team Member
      • Top 6 of USA Judo National Roster
      • Must have placed in the top 5 at Sr. Nationals in the past two years
      • Must have placed in the top 7 at Jr. Worlds
      • Top 5 at EUJ B level competition

If you meet any one of the criteria’s above you may petition to move a weight class as long as a slot is open

Grand Prix or Grand Slam

      • Must have finished in top 5 at the Pan Am Championships or Continental Cup
      • or
      • Must have been a member of  the previous World Team
      • or
      • Finished top 5 in one of the past two Jr. Worlds


Personal Coaches

No personal coaches will be allowed to coach at Pan Am Games, Pan Am Championships, World Championships, Olympic Games or World Masters

Personal Training Partners

No personal training partners are allowed to attend any international event as a Staff member or a Team Member


(10 points suspension)

Point System for rules on Team Trips

1 point – not wearing USA Judo shirt / provided team apparel

1 point - absent for team support day of competition

2 points - late for practice

3 points - missed practice

Any combination of the above violations that total 10 points will result in the following suspensions

  • 1st offense - 3 month suspension
  • 2nd offense - 6 month suspension
  • 3rd offense - 1 year suspension

Missed weight

Automatic 3 month suspension and reimbursement of any expenses incurred by USA Judo