Kim Gilbert


Birth Date:


Home Club:

Gilbert Table Tennis Center

Home Town:

Los Angeles, CA


W.L.A. College


Marta Dabrowska

Height and Weight:

5' 7" and 160 lbs



Style of Play:





Dial800, Gilbert Table Tennis Center First Capitalcorp, Hama Sushi of Venice

Blade and Rubber:

Darker Hinoki Blade and Tenergy 64 Rubber

Highest Rating:

2013 at U.S. Olympic Festival

Competition Record/Titles:

2011 U.S. Nationals Semi-Finalist (Women O-40)
2011 Hawaiian Islands Women's Open Champion
2011 U.S. Open Semi-Finalist (Women O-40)
2010 U.S. Nationals Semi-Finalist (Women O-40)
1991 U.S. Olympic Festival Coach
1990 U.S. Olympic Festival Gold Medalist
1989 World Corporate Games Gold Medalist
1987 Olympic Festival Gold Medalist
1986 KCOP-Los Angeles Sports Star of the Year
1986 Olympic Festival Silver Medalist
1986 ESPN Olympic Record for Fastest Reflexes
1985 U.S. National Champion (U-1800)
1983 Pacific Coast Open Women's Champion
1982 National Sports Festival Gold Medalist
1982 California State Junior Champion
1981 Southern California Open Double Champion

How were you introduced to table tennis:

My father bought my mother and I a table when I was 14. Shortly thereafter he met Leon Ruderman, a top senior tournament player over lunch and mentioned having a kid who thought she was hot stuff for beating her mother on the table. So set me up one evening and took me to the Hollywood Table Tennis club run by the Guillen family as a joke! Lim Ming Chui was there and he saw some potential and convinced my father to arrange for lessons with my first coach who was a former world doubles champion, Norisaku "Cannonball" Fuji. He is responsible for teaching me how to smash very hard. I guess I had the last laugh at that joke!!

Personal Info:

After sustaining a career ending injury (shattered right arm) in 1992, I didn't touch a paddle for 18 years as it was just too painful at the time. In 2010 prior to the grand opening of SPiN Hollywood (owned by Susan Sarandon)I tried to play again and to my own amazement I was able to play very well. I was offered a weekly hosting position at SPiN and started training at the Gilbert Table Tennis Center to hone my skills again. Since then I have secured several corporate sponsors (in and outside) of table tennis with companies and corporations who now support my comeback tour of events and exhibitions. I am also hired to host special corporate events as there is a movement afoot whereby ping-pong is being used in business as a way of breaking the ice between executives because on the "court" everyone is made equal by! virtue of their competitive spirit and enthusiasm for the game. This is a trend that has been highlighted in the national business press including Business Week which has profiled me in the following link:

Did You Know?:

Did you know that in 1986 I set the U.S. Olympic Festival Record in Houston, Texas for the fastest reflexes ever recorded? It was filmed live on ESPN and my record still stands at .14 of a second reaction time. By comparison, in the 2008 Beijing Olympics the fasted reaction time recorded by Michael Phelps was only .64 of a second!

I have another claim to fame with my under the leg smash shot that has been clocked at 86 miles per hour! This shot is featured in this promotional video link: