Sep 25 John Seiber Named USAT Referee Chair

Sept. 25, 2009, 10:06 a.m. (ET)

USA Taekwondo has appointed John Seiber of Andersonville, Tenn., as chair of the Referee Committee. Seiber will fill the role most recently held by John Holloway and Leon Preston.

"I believed it was time to bring some new ideas into the referee chair position," said USAT CEO David Askinas. "I have known John Seiber for a number of years and believe he has the leadership abilities to be an excellent Referee Chair and continue to improve our efforts in recuitment and edcuation of referees.  We expect that the referee chair position will rotate every few years in this manner so that we can continue to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the organization.  John Holloway and Leon Preston have given admirable service to USAT.  They have the done the job we asked of them and more.  We hope they will be available to serve USAT in an important referee capacity of a different nature.  We are in the process of defining the roles over the next few weeks.  I hope that both of them will be around for years to come."