USA Weightlifting

Apr 04 Now accepting 2013 BIDS

April 04, 2012, 1:59 p.m. (ET)

USA Weightlifting is accepting bids for our five National Championships for the 2013 calendar year!

  • With the exception of the Olympic year, each championship event is generally held on the same weekend each year, within a 3-week window.   See below for more information. 
  • Bid cities must have a written letter of support from the Local Weightlifting Committee, who will provide the technical support for the event. 
  • USA Weightlifting reserves the right to accept bids that may not meet the stated requirements in every respect on the basis of the overall attractiveness of the bid. 
  • A bid fee of $1,000 shall be submitted to USA Weightlifting with the bid application. If the applicant is not awarded the Event, the entire bid fee will be refunded upon request. 
  • Bid applications are submitted to the USA Weightlifting National Office via mail at: 1 Olympic Plaza, Colorado Springs, CO 80909. 



Junior National Championships

April 15, 2012

University Championships

May 15, 2012

National Championships

June 15, 2012

Youth National Championships

July 15, 2012

American Open Championships

October 15, 2012

*Target date is not a deadline; it is when the bids will start to be reviewed by the Competition Committee.  Late bids will still be accepted but at the risk of the application not being reviewed or considered by the Competition Committee.

2013 Bid Application and Agreement

2013 National Junior Weightlifting Championships 

Month:                                  February (Friday-Sunday)
Number of Competitors:       180-220
Participating Coaches:          115-135
Officials/Volunteers:             30-50/day
Hotel Room Nights:              400-450 total

This three-day event is the top USAW Championship for junior athletes aged 20 and under. It is the primary qualifier for the Junior World Team and the Youth World Championships, other junior international teams and junior squad camps.  Prior host cities include:  Foster City, CA; St. Paul, MN; Altamonte Springs, FL; Rochester, MN; Houston, TX, Shreveport, LA; Peoria, IL.

  2013 National University Weightlifting Championships

Month:                                    April (Friday-Sunday)
Number of Competitors:          120-150
Participating Coaches:              95-115
Officials/Volunteers:                25-35/day
Hotel Room Nights:                  350-400 total

This event is for college students, ages 15-28, who are attending American universities or colleges in either under-graduate or post-graduate courses. It is a qualifier for several international teams, including the University World Championships.  Prior host cities include:  Reno, NV; Schererville, IN; Shreveport, LA; Charleston, IL; Marquette, MI.

2013 National Weightlifting Championships 

Month:                                    May/June (Friday-Sunday)
Number of Competitors:           125-150
Participating Coaches:              70-90
Officials/Volunteers:                 30-50/day
Hotel Room Nights:                  350-400 total

This three-day championship is USA Weightlifting’s annual premier weightlifting event and is the primary qualifier for teams representing the US at the World Championships, Pan Am Games or Olympic Games, depending on the year.  Prior host cities include:  Chicago, IL; Columbus, OH;

2013 National Youth  Weightlifting Championships

Month:                                      June/July (Friday-Sunday)
Number of Competitors:            280-310
Participating Coaches:               190-220
Officials/Volunteers:                  35-50/day
Hotel Room Nights:                   400-450 total

This three-day event for athletes 17 years of age and younger is a qualifier for several youth international teams, including the Youth World Championships.  This event has the potential to develop into a large participatory base, with many families traveling to the event and has great potential for economic impact in the local community.  Prior host cities include:  Gainesville, GA; Orlando, FL; Springfield, MO; Detroit, Mil; Foster City, CA; Gainesville, GA.

2013 American Open Weightlifting Championships

Month:                                     November/December (Friday-Sunday)
Number of Competitors:           150-170
Participating Coaches:               95-105
Officials/Volunteers:                 25-35
Hotel Room Nights:                  375-425

This three-day competition is the final USAW national event of the year.  The Championships is also the first ranking competition for the New Year as a qualifier for several international teams and features our best junior and senior lifters.  Prior host cities include:  Birmingham, AL; Chandler, AZ; Chattanooga, TN; Schaumburg, IL; Mobile, AL.