USA Weightlifting

Apr 04 STRONG! Documentary Featuring Cheryl Haworth

April 04, 2012, 4:10 p.m. (ET)


A new film by Julie Wyman

Carmike 10 - Colorado Springs

1550 Pulsar Drive, Colorado Springs, CO, 80916 (map)

Wednesday, July 18th, 7:30 pm

Followed by a Q&A with filmmaker Julie Wyman


 STRONG! A Film By Julie Wyman chronicles Olympic athlete Cheryl Haworth's struggle to defend her champion status as her lifetime weightlifting career inches towards its inevitable end.

Cheryl Haworth defies categories. A 12th generation patriotic American, a visual artist, and, since age 14, America’s top Olympic weightlifter, she is an elite at the international level, ranked well above all men and women on Team USA. But at 5’ 8” inches and weighing over 300 pounds, she doesn’t easily fit into standard chairs, clothing sizes or pre-conceptions.

STRONG! follows Haworth from ...the highs of her spectacular rise, through the lows of battling injuries and grappling with the contradiction of having of a body that is at once celebrated within her sport but shunned by mainstream culture.

Through Haworth’s journey you not only learn about the sport of lifting weight, but also the state of being weighty: the consequences and possibilities of a having a body that doesn’t fit.

STRONG! will screen on the excellent and acclaimed PBS national series "INDEPENDENT LENS" in June 2012.  Screenings will take place around the country between now and then.  CLICK here to see the already posted Community Cinema screenings beginning in May.