USA Weightlifting

SEARCH OPTIONS FOR RESULTS:  Access to results takes the viewer to HangAStar (HAS), USAW’s membership database, in which every athlete’s competition history is stored. There are three ways to search for results from the Event Results page in HAS:

  1. Search by ATHLETE: To use this method, click here and enter the athlete’s MEMBER ID in the appropriate field to view all results of that athlete.

  2. Search by EVENT: Choose from the drop-down list in the EVENT field.   Using this method, the viewer will be able to find the desired event quickly if they know both the year and Local Weightlifting Committee (LWC) in which the event took place.  LWC’s are generally determined by state, although some states are divided into two LWC’s (e.g. north and south Texas) and some smaller states are combined (e.g. some of the New England states).  Events in the EVENT drop-down are listed by sanction number, which is comprised of the 2-digit LWC number, the 2-digit year, and the number of event held in that particular LWC within that year.  For example, the tenth local event held in Florida (which is LWC #14) in 2013 would have a sanction number of 14-13-10.   National events are assigned a sanction number under the National office 2-digit code of “60” and may be easily found by scrolling down to the sanction numbers beginning with 60 in a particular year.    In order to assist the viewer in searching for a local event in a particular year and state or LWC, a list of the LWC numbers may be viewed here.  To use this method, click here and use the EVENT drop-down to locate the desired event results by sanction number.  

  3. Search by setting parameters in at least two of the following fields:  GENDER, WEIGHT CLASS, YEAR, STATE.  This option may be used if the viewer does not know the athlete’s member id or does not know what specific events in which the athlete has participated.  To use this method, click here and set at least two parameters.   

You may also access a partial list of sanction numbers for 2012 and prior, listed in date order, from the following links and click here to find results:

2012 Sanction Numbers

2011 Sanction Numbers

2010 Sanction Numbers

2009 Sanction Numbers

2008 Sanction Numbers

2007 Sanction Numbers

2006 Sanction Numbers