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Feb 13 Responsible Sports Challenge: Celebrating Wins While Respecting Opponents.le Sports Challenge Celebrating Wins While Respecting Opponents

By Liberty Mutual Insurance | Feb. 13, 2012, 11:27 a.m. (ET)
Winning is exciting! Who doesn't love the feeling of trying hard and winning a hard fought battle. But as an athlete gets up from the mat and contemplates his win, good sportsmanship dictates that you celebrate with respect for your opponent. And as Responsible Coaches and Responsible Sport Parents, our goal is to teach our kids why this is important and how to handle it. So the team at Responsible Sports asked parents and coaches around the country:

Your son has been wrestling for 8 years, and he is excited to finally be on the high school varsity team. In his first varsity match, he wins and celebrates in a manner that you do not approve of. How do you address this?

Tough situation! And no easy answer. Or a 'right answer' for that matter. Check out what other parents and coaches said when asked this question. Then weigh in yourself and tell us what you think.