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Jan 17 Principle highlight: talking with coach

By Liberty Mutual Insurance | Jan. 17, 2012, 2:42 p.m. (ET)
This week we focus on the task of connecting with the coach

Each month we take a look at a topic in youth wrestling that we get a lot of feedback about, then highlight in our weekly articles. This past month we had a large amount of questions center around the best way to approach a child's coach and how to do it in a productive way that doesn't put the child in the middle, or cause the parent/coach relationship to become strained.

Responsible Sports has an entire section dedicated to this topic, Responsible Conversation: Parent & Coach. Research shows when we as parents support our children's teachers, students learn more. This concept can be transferred to sports, where kids will have a better sports experience if we work in unison with the coach to create a positive youth sports environment.

- Recognize is the coach's commitment
- Meeting the coach early and establishing a positive relationship will make conversation easier if a problem arises during the season
-Empower your child to speak: there are several advantages to having your athlete, rather than you, speak directly to the coach. Many coaches are more open to suggestions from players than from parents. The biggest plus is that this can be an empowering experience for children, even if they don't get the change they want

We have a number of other tips to practice as well as an intervention strategy to help for when you need to approach the coach on a subject.

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