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Mar 04 Cornell ahead of Lehigh by 2.5 points going into EIWA Championships finals

By Gary Abbott USA Wrestling | March 04, 2012, 6:14 p.m. (ET)
PRINCETON, N.J. -- Cornell's commanding lead over Lehigh at the EIWA Championships is not commanding anymore.

The Big Red's lead going into the gold-medal finals over the Mountain Hawks is just 2.5 points. Cornell has five athletes in the gold-medal round, while Lehigh has four.

The biggest change in the standing had to do with loss of points for Cornell during the morning session.

Cornell's Billy George was tossed out of the tournament with a flagrant misconduct in his consolation semifinal match against Nathaniel Brown of Lehigh at 174 pounds, with an intentional knee to the head that knocked out Brown late in their bout. All of George's nine points were taken out of Cornell's total, plus Lehigh received two additional points on the misconduct, an 11-point swing.

Cornell entered the consolation semifinals with 136.5 points, but when the session was over, in spite of winning two bouts, Cornell had dropped to 134.5 points, falling behind Lehigh at 135 points. Lehigh had four wins in the consolation The 27.5 point lead from the previous night had disappeared quickly.

The consolation finals kept things close, with Cornell winning three matches and Lehigh winning twice. But Maciej Jochym of Cornell scored a pin over Steven Graciano of Penn in the first period of their fifth-place match to get some key bonus points.

At Princeton, N.J., March 4, 2012

Consolation results

125 pounds
3rd - Austin Miller (Bucknell) dec. Billy Waterson (Brown), 3-2
5th - Tyler Sackett (Navy) dec. Thomas Williams (American), 7-5
7th - Alexander Abreu (Lehigh) maj. dec. Scott Filbert (Army), 10-0

133 pounds
3rd -Steven Keith (Harvard) dec. Mason Beckman (Lehigh), 4-2, ot
5th - Naryman Arujau (Cornell) dec. Kyle Gilchrist (Columbia), 7-4
7th -Jordan Thome (Army) med. fft. over Christopher Perez (Princeton)

141 pounds
3rd - Stephen Dutton (Lehigh) dec. Billy Ashnault (Rutgers), 7-3
5th - Zach Kemmerer (Penn) dec. Richard Durso (F&M), 7-6
7th - Matt Bystol (Columbia) maj. dec. Zach Tannenbaum (Brown), 8-0

149 pounds
3rd - Chris Villalonga (Cornell) dec. Steve Santos (Columbia), 4-3
5th - Stephen Robertson (Penn) med. fft. over Corey Jantzen (Harvard)
7th - Zach Bintliff (Princeton) dec. Andrew Murano (F&M), 9-3

157 pounds
3rd - Ganbayar Sanjaa (American) dec. Daniel Kolodzik (Princeton), 8-3
5th - Jake O'Hara (Columbia) dec. Brian Tanen (Lehigh), 6-5
7th -John Regan (Bucknell) dec. Troy Hernandez (Penn), 5-3

165 pounds
3rd - Coleman Gracey (Army) dec. Marshall Peppleman (Cornell), 9-4 ot
5th - Corey Lear (Bucknell) dec. Mason Bailey (Navy), 6-2
7th -Lorenzo Thomas (Pennsylvania) dec. Eren Civan (Columbia), 10-4

174 pounds
3rd - Greg Zanetti (Rutgers) med. fft over Nathaniel Brown (Lehigh)
5th - Stephen West (Columbia) by forfeit
7th - Matt Fullowan (F&M) naj. dec. Ian Korb (Penn), 8-0

184 pounds
3rd - Erich Smith (Penn) dec. Ophir Bernstein (Brown), 8-3
5th - Luke Rebertus (Navy) dec. Cameron Croy (Harvard), 3-2
7th - Michael Gorman (Army) med. fft. over Zachary Moran (Sacred Heart)

197 pounds
3rd - Joe Kennedy (Lehigh) dec. Daniel Rinaldi (Rutgers), 9-3
5th - Derek Stanley (Army) dec. Daniel Mitchell (American), 4-3
7th - James Fox (Harvard) dec. Colin Ely (F&M), 2-0

285 pounds
3rd - Kevin Lester (Columbia) Daniel Miller (Navy), 6-4
5th -Maciej Jochym (Cornell) pin Steven Graziano (Penn), 1:53
7th - Daniel Hopkins (Rutgers) dec. Daniel Mills (Army), 3-1

Gold Medal pairings

125 pounds
No. 1 Frank Perrelli (Cornell) vs. No. 2 Garrett Frey (Princeton)

133 pounds
No. 4 Aaron Kalili (Navy) vs. No. 2 Brian Ortenzio (Penn)

141 pounds
No. 5 Matt Mariacher (American) vs. No. 2 Mike Nevinger (Cornell)

149 pounds
No. 8 Stephen Tao (American) vs. No. 6 Shane Welch (Lehigh)

157 pounds
No. 1 Kyle Dake (Cornell) vs. No. 3 Walter Peppleman (Harvard)

165 pounds
No. 1 Brandon Hatchett (Lehigh) vs. No. 2 Scott Winston (Rutgers)

174 pounds
No. 4 Oscar Huntley (Navy) vs. unseeded Dave Foxen (Brown)

184 pounds
No. 1 Steve Bosak (Cornell) vs. No. 2 Robert Hamlin (Lehigh)

197 pounds
No. 1 Cam Simaz (Cornell) vs. No. 2 Micah Burak (Penn)

285 pounds
No. 1 Ryan Flores (American) vs. No. 2 Zach Rey (Lehigh)