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Aug 02 Ohio Athletic Committee To Donate Up To $1,000 To CPOW

By Ohio Athletic Committee | Aug. 02, 2013, 10:23 p.m. (ET)

Sandusky, OH -- Aug. 1, 2013 -- The Ohio Athletic Committee (OAC), announces an additional donation to the Keep Olympic Wrestling Fund. Prior to the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) Executive Board vote on May 29th, the OAC donated $250. The OAC plans to donate an additional $1,000 prior to the next vote. The full IOC membership will meet September 7th-10th to add one sport (Wrestling, Squash or Baseball/Softball) to the 2020 Olympic Games.

The OAC hopes to rally the Ohio wrestling community to do their part prior to the September vote. "We want the Ohio Wrestling community to do their part and be heard. This is much bigger than Ohio and wrestling in the United States. This is about the future of the sport itself." says OAC Operations Manager, Jude Roth. From August 1st to August 14th the OAC will donate $1 for each Twitter user who mentions @ohioathleticcom and #Ohiofor2020 and why wrestling should be kept in the 2020 games. It will be limited to $1,000.

Ohio has a rich tradition of wrestlers competing internationally. Current wrestlers such as Logan Stieber, David Taylor and Dustin Kilgore have Olympic goals and wrestled in Ohio during their youth career, including OAC events. "Wrestling is the core of the Olympics. With the amount of hard work these athletes put in, it would be huge disappointment if these wrestlers do not have the opportunity to reach the pinnacle of their sport. Not just for Ohio wrestlers, but for all the wrestlers around the world." said OAC Executive Director, Jared Opfer.

The OAC a non-profit organization conducts youth wrestling, football and cheerleading events in Ohio. Two of the events are the most prestigious events for Ohio youth wrestlers; the Grade School and Junior High State Championships.

The OAC Mission Statement is to "Provide opportunities for young athletes to advance their skills and reach their full potential." For more information on OAC visit or email -